We’ve Been Adopted!!!

This thing showed up on my mum’s doorstep a while ago.

image1-5He was a bit malnourished, but had a collar on and shiny fur, so she assumed he was loved and would take himself off home after a day or so – but he didn’t. He was super friendly, and in the end my mum gave in and fed him because he looked so underweight. She already has a cat (Willow), and this little dude didn’t seem to be bothered by that; but Willow was very wary of him being in her garden.

After another few days we took him to be scanned for a microchip. The vet found none, and he hadn’t been neutered either. After asking around, the general consensus in the neighbourhood was that his owner had moved out and left him behind. I have no idea how they could – he was affectionate and loving, and took to jumping in my mum’s lap as she went outside to have her morning smoke. He just wanted attention.

After contacting the RSPCA, they advised my mum to ignore the kitten for 2 days straight (no feeding, no petting) and he would make his way home. My mum said that was the hardest thing she’s ever had to do – there just so happened to be thunderstorms and torrential rain over the next night, and the morning after my youngest sister went outside and found him curled up in the grass, soaking wet, with a slug on him.

image2-1As soon as she got home from work the next night, my mum let the kitten inside her house and he curled up in a ball in Willow’s bed and slept. She couldn’t keep him and didn’t know what to do. In the end I drove round to hers, and after persuading the Other Half a little, decided to bring him home to our house for a week. After the week we were hoping someone would have either been in touch with us over their lost cat, or we would look to re-home him as we had no way to trace his owner, and after asking more locals we were almost certain that he’d been abandoned.

But we’ve accidentally ended up keeping him. My partner and I have always had a non-pet household and neither of us has owned or even really wanted to own a cat. But this one is (80% of the time) calm, affectionate and well behaved – of course I type this as he has a mad dash round the house and nearly knocks my brew over…

After exactly one week of calling him ‘Cat’, my partner named him Sunny after a car he used to own. And that was it. Adopted.

I took him to be neutered yesterday. Having never owned a cat before it was a little worrying. I am surprised at how well it has gone. The vet put a fabric cone-collar on him afterwards, telling me he should ideally wear it for five days!!! No chance – he was running head first into the walls trying to get it off and it lasted 10 minutes. I frantically Googled what alternatives there could be to stop him from licking his neuter wounds, but I needn’t have worried. It seems that although he’s had a bit of a go at them, he’s mostly leaving it alone and just grooming normally.

image4Also – the pain killers and anaesthetic had no after-affect on him whatsoever. He’s still his affectionate, mad-half-hour, ravenous self. I fed him broiled chicken breast instead of his usual food yesterday, but he’s back to his usual routine today.

So in 5 days we’ll be taking Sunny back to the vet for a check up, but he’s getting on just fine – I’m just glad that he’s safe and well-fed and warm now that he’s with us!

We never planned on being adopted but sometimes you just don’t know what’s round the corner (or who’s sitting on your doorstep)…




13 thoughts on “We’ve Been Adopted!!!”

    1. “I’m glad to have found my forever home – I’ve become well acquainted with the house plant, it keeps my claws in shape. And the serv….humans are at my beck and call. 🙂 Thank you for the welcome!” xx

  1. They truly search their “owners” … and they will educate you on what it means to “own” a cat. Welcome to Sunny in the wilderness of WordPress blogs and be warned: Cats can live up to 23 or 24 … So you rather prepare for longtime commitment with him.

    1. Thanks! Sunny has been absolutely fine without the collar – it seemed silly to subject him to so much stress with it on. He’s happily bouncing round the house chirping at the house flies. 🙂 xx

    1. He’s certainly looking more like a panther now that he’s a decent weight and has brighter eyes! He’s a very long kitty too, so when he’s a bit older he’ll be magnificent! 🙂 xx

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